Organized Industrial Zones


Organized industrial zones are the zones of goods and services production operated in accordance with the provisions of OSB law no 4562 and built by equipping lands, borders of which are certified, with necessary infrastructure services and social facilities to be determined by the necessity and technoparks and by allocating them for the industry within a planned and designated system for the purpose of making the industry structured in convenient areas, directing the urbanization, preventing environmental problems and benefiting from knowledge and information technologies, settling and developing types of production industry in accordance with a plan.

Investment lands in these zones, infrastructures of which are completed, are sold to the investors with advantageous conditions through a medium-term installment plan. Industry and residence zones are separated and small and medium-scaled entrepreneurs are encouraged and production increases.

Organized Industrial Zones that EBSO (ARCI ) is the partner in establishment:


Name of the Organized Industrial Zone : ALİAĞA ORGANIZED INDUSTRIAL ZONE
Sectors in the Zone : Machinery Production, Textile, Plastic, Food, Cleaning Products
Phone : (232) 621 50 50
Fax : (232) 621 50 60
Web :

Name of the Organized Industrial Zone : ATATÜRK ORGANIZED INDUSTRIAL ZONE
Sectors in the Zone : Food, Machinery Production, Textile, Paper, Chemistry, Wood Product, Leather, Electronics and Various
Phone : (232) 376 71 76
Fax : (232) 376 71 00
Web :

  Name of the Organized Industrial Zone : BERGAMA ORGANIZED INDUSTRIAL ZONE
Sectors in the Zone : Textile, Gin, Machinery, Mining, Electricity
Phone : (232) 631 50 05
Fax : (232) 632 56 46
Web :

Name of the Organized Industrial Zone                : KINIK ORGANIZED INDUSTRIAL ZONE
Sectors in the Zone : Textile, Ready Wear, Construction, Food, Stairs
Phone :

 532 367 35 10 (Zafer DOĞAN)

Fax :  
Web :
  Name of the Organized Industrial Zone : İZMİR KEMALPAŞA ORGANIZED INDUSTRIAL ZONE
Sectors in the Zone : Chemistry, Food, Machinery, Paper, Building Materials
Phone : (232) 877 22 36
Fax : (232) 877 12 99
Web :

Sectors in the Zone  : Plastic
Phone  : (232) 832 30 91 - 92
Fax  : (232) 832 12 91
Web  :

  Name of the Organized Industrial Zone : İZMİR PANCAR ORGANIZED INDUSTRIAL ZONE
Sectors in the Zone : Heating - Cooling, Furniture, Machinery, Plastic and Various fabrications
Phone : (232) 864 22 80-88
Fax : (232) 864 17 22
Web :

Name of the Organized Industrial Zone : TİRE ORGANIZED INDUSTRIAL ZONE
Sectors in the Zone : Food, Chemistry, Tobacco, Building Materials, Paper, Wood Products
Phone : (232) 513 50 10
Fax : (232) 513 50 11
Web :

  Name of the Organized Industrial Zone : TORBALI ORGANIZED INDUSTRIAL ZONE
Sectors in the Zone : Heating-Cooling, Machinery Production, Building Materials, Furniture, Plastic
Phone : (232) 446 56 08 - 441 23 44
Fax : (232) 446 56 08
Web :

Name of the Organized Industrial Zone  : ÖDEMİŞ ORGANIZED INDUSTRIAL ZONE
Sectors in the Zone  : Food, Plastic, Machinery, Agricultural Equipment
Phone  : (232) 544 90 97
Fax  : (232) 545 12 69
Web  :  


Companies active inside free zones enjoy the following advantages:

  • Producers and manufacturers are not liable to pay any corporate taxes for incomes generated by their activities inside the free zones.
  • Producers and exporters are not liable to pay income taxes fort he personnel they employ inside the free zones.
  • Goods imported into the free zones from abroad are not subject to any customs taxes.
  • It’s possible to keep stocks inside the free zones and import goods into Turkey as demand justifies, by just paying customs taxes and / or VAT.
  • Since all sales from inland count as exports, companies which reside inside the free zones may buy goods and products from the free zone without paying VAT .
  • Companies active inside the free zone are less affected by national inflation rates since they are limited to transacting in foreign currency.
  • Bureaucratic red tape is minimal.



The Aegean Free Zone was founded on 1990 on some 2.2 million square meters of land in the Gaziemir district of Izmir. Apart from all of the infrastructural and structural investments in the zone, energy, water, telecommunications, municipality related services, transportation, porterage, catering utilities also under control of ESBAŞ. Aegean Free Zone is at 4 km. distance to Adnan Menderes Airport, 12 km. distance to the Alsancak Port of Izmir and at 1 km. distance to the highway. A total of 200 companies are active in this zone, 74 of which are foreign investments. Volume of trade generated in this zone, in 2013, has amounted to 4.6 billion USD, and the total volume of trade generated since the inception of the zone has amounted to 53.6 billion USD. Some 20.400 individuals are employed inside this free zone.

Among all free zones in Turkey, the Aegean Free Zone is where the intensity is highest for most foreign investments. Of investments, jobs and employment created inside some 19 free zones in Turkey, 1/3 is located inside the Aegean Free Zone.



Izmir Free Zone, which is activating in Free Zone status since 1997, is located in Menemen – Izmir in 1.620.000 m2 area. 2000 people are employed within The Zone which hosts companies from chemical, leather, food, machinery, electric-electronics, furniture and textile sectors. The zone is suitable and aims to host all sectors , besides the wastewater treatment plant is highly advantegeous for chemical and leather sectors. The zone also serves as Leather Specialized Customhouse.

Izmir Free Zone is ; 26 km. to Aliağa Port, 40 km. to Izmir Port, 60 km. to Çandarlı Port ( in process of construction ), 45 km. to the center of Izmir, 11 km. to Izmir-Çanakkale Main Road, 55 km. to Adnan Menderes Airport , 20 km. to Foça

Advantages of investing in Izmir Frees Zone :

  • Izmir Free Zone by being near to 3 see ports of Izmir ( Izmir, Aliağa and Çandarlı – which the project has started ) has a perfect location advantage for transportation.
  • Investors may buy or rent favorable priced registered properties or with/without constructed buildings in Izmir Free Zone.
  • Investors in Izmir Free Zone can sell or attorn their investment with the permission of General Directorate of Free Zones.
  • Well-priced warehouses are present for renting in Izmir Free Zone.
  • Wastewater tratment plan with 9000 m3/day capacity is a great advantage for leather and chemical sectors.
  • Opportunity to benefit from tax advantages for manufacturer users : 100 % corporation tax, VAT, RUSF, stamp duty, free tax, and customs duty exemptions.
  • Free capital and profit transfer.
  • Easy access to EU countries.
  • Access to domestic and foreign markets.
  • Trade facility free from customs duty procedure.
  • The goods can remain in the zones without any time limit.
  • Competitive infrastructure standards.
  • Low priced services compared to the domestic market are provided by Izmir Free Zone (such as electricity, water, natural gas and etc)



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