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The Aegean Region


The Aegean Region covers some 79.149 square kilometers,equaling 10.2 % of Turkey.

According to Herodotus, the Aegean Region has the most beutiful sky and the best climate in the world. 7.000 year-old historical and cultural wealth has rendered the region as the most developed touristical region in Turkey.

The Aegean Region, surrounded by the Aegean Sea, is the most advantageous region in Turkey, with respect to its geological structure,  natural resources,  mineral reserves,  climate, natural water resources, commercial marine transport advantages, aquaculture and sea food advantages, natural flora and soil composition,  potential for efficient use of land for farming and animal husbandry,  energy resources, and finally with respect to its cultural and historical configuration. 

Our region has completely solved its infrastructural needs concerning a facilitative climate for investment. There exist 49 Organized Industrial Zones, 3  Free-Zones,  Technological Innovation Zones and 16 universities, all of which provide the best possible conditions for technology and production.

Our regional contribution to national GDP is around 17 per cent. Approximately 11,6 % of all exports, and 6,8 % of all imports are done through our region. 

13 % of the Turkish population reside in the Aegean Region, actively working population, above the age 12, constitute 44 % of the regional population.

Our region is a center of attraction for foreign investors. Approximately 14% of nationwide manufacturing is done in this region. Regional production and manufacturing industries enjoy prominent positions in different industrial activities,


-  Automotive and Parts

- Cement

- Ceramics

- Textiles

- Defense

- Electronics & Household Appliances

- Energy (Geothermal)

- Fishery

- Food Processing and Packaging
( Mainly Olive ,Grape , Fig )

- Agriculture
(mainly Cotton and Tobacco )

- Furniture

- Steel

- Leather Industry

- Livestock & Poultry

- Machinery

- Mining

- Paper and Products

- Petro Chemistry

- Plastics

- Software




-  IT Industry

- Industrial Machinery

- Food Processing

- Chemistry

- Motor Vehicle

- Defense Industry and Aviation

- Tourism

- Renewable Energy Resources

- Jewellery and Imitation Jewellery Products Industry

- Logistics

- Education and Training Sector

- Congress Tourism

- Health and Sport Tourism

- Organic Farming

- Greenhouse Farming and Floriculture


Besides, the aqua-farming industry is growing and developing rapidly and 90 % of the aqua-farming of fish is carried out in the Aegean sea.

The region enjoys widespread practice in horticulture and greenhouse farming.

13 % of the Turkish population reside in the Aegean Region, actively working population, above the age 12, constitute 44 % of the regional population.

Moreover, as mentioned, the region also enjoys a remarkable potential for renewable energy resources, such as geothermal resources, solar energy and wind-power resources.



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