EBSO Policies

Management Policy
Aegean Region Chamber of Industry, as a learning and developing organization adopting the total quality and perfectness, undertakes to be member-oriented in its activities, to improve service standards, to produce efficient and productive services, to create value for stakeholders, to be participant, creative and open for innovations.

Management of Corporate Reputation
Aegean Region Chamber of Industry takes care of meeting the requirements of stakeholders and society with the corporate governance perception in all activities.
EBSO ( ARCI ) regards maintaining, improving climate of communication with the approach of openness, business and society ethics, corporate values adopted, reliability and managing the perception of target masses, it follows it and reflects it to the practices.

Policy Of Occupational Health And Safety
Aegean Region Chamber of Industry provides safe and healthy working environment for all stakeholders to be affected by performance of activities, takes all necessary actions and implements them.

Social Responsibility Policy
Aegean Region Chamber of Industry undertakes to act with the perception of social responsibility and sustainability in all activities. While increasing its service quality within this scope, it prioritizes and supports expectations of the society.

Customer Relations Policy
Aegean Region chamber of industry manages its customer relations in line with the principles of member and solution orientation, transparency and accountability. It determines and manages communication requirements of customers.
EBSO ( ARCI ) undertakes a customer satisfaction system that complaints, requests and recommendations of the customers can be presented easily, these requests are handled in fast, efficient, objective and strict confident way and legally and necessary improvements are performed and customer-oriented approach is followed.

Human Resources Policy
Aegean Region Chamber of Industry adopts human resources practices in accordance with legal legislation to plan human resources, to recruit proper person for the proper job, to appoint, train and strengthen, to conduct performance management, career planning and works, to ensure development of career, to develop employee loyalty by increasing motivation believing that its mission and vision can be achieved by means of the efficient contribution of employees.
Good information flow, coordination and communication among units are secured for the efficiency of the practices.

Promotion And Marketing Policy
Aegean Region Chamber of Industry promotes services provided in line with its mission, vision and values or intended to be provided via convenient means. It adopts the principle of increasing the number of members by increasing the service quality.

Information Management Policy
Aegean Region Chamber of Industry considers the principles of confidentiality, integrity and accessibility to ensure the business continuity and to use updated and reliable information efficiently for decision-making processes, provides the safety of information, follows the technology closely, equips the business processes with new, convenient, safe and environment-friendly technologies.

Financial Sources Management Policy
Aegean Region Chamber of Industry evaluates financial sources that are needed for the continuity of its existence and to achieve the strategic goals based on the principles of transparency, accountability in the areas with the least risk and manages them efficiently with the authority and powers described with legislation.

Supply Management Policy
Aegean Region Chamber of Industry supplies service and goods purchase necessary for the continuity of the services from the authorized and local suppliers acting in accordance with applicable law and regulations, adopting the environmentally-conscious and customer-oriented service approach, first hand. It aims to establish sustainable cooperation with these suppliers and improve the performance.

Fixed Assets Management Policy
Aegean Region Chamber of industry provides maintenance, repair, cleaning, insurance and security services efficiently in cooperation with specialist suppliers to utilize the fixed assets safely, environment-friendly and long-life and grants fixed assets to be disposed when necessary for the training.

Cooperation Policy
Establishing sustainable cooperation aiming to provide common interest, based on mutual respect, honesty and trust and result-oriented in line with the strategies.

Quality Policy
Within the framework of responsibilities and duties charged with the relevant legislation and with the conscious of identity of Aegean Region Chamber of Industry, it aims the following:

1.    To be the solution partner for global scale production and branding of private sector by following changes and developments in the world,
2.    To meet the requirements of its members changing with the times by producing high-quality, efficient, productive and fast services in order to improve the welfare and country economy,
3.    To inform and support the members for new projects and training organizations for technology, marketing, quality and requested subjects
4.    In the light of developments of contemporary quality perception, to improve the efficiency of quality management system continuously with the recommendations of its members and staff,
5.    To create the environment for the human resources where the success and team work are encouraged and supported.

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