Duties and Activities of EBSO

The Aegean Region Chamber of Industry is presently active in 64 different industrial sectors and with a membership of nearly 4.500 member companies.

Our Chamber is the first Chamber to be honored by receiving the ISO 9000 Quality Management System Certificate, and also to be selected from Turkey to participate in the Program for the Accreditation of Chambers.
From 2002 , our Chamber is an internationally accredited Chamber. 

The priority functions of our Chamber are :

- To enforce professional ethics and solidarity,
- To spend efforts for the development of industries in line with national interests,
- To engage in research and gather statistical information concerning national industries,
- To collect data, documentation and news about national industries and to share these with its members by means of publications and conferences,
- To prepare capacity reports and other expertise-based reports needed by its members,
- To assess wastages and losses, and to publish investigative reports, to prepare and endorse various necessary legal forms for members engaged in exportation,
- To support and supply all training needs of its members,
- To initiate and support the establishment of new organized industrial zones,
- To collaborate with International Unions of Chambers and national Chambers,
- To initiate and assist the establishment of information hubs and internet organizations,

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