The İzmir Economic Congress assembled on February 17 - March 4, 1923, a very short time prior to the proclamation of the Republic of Turkey and stipulated the development strategy of the country wherein the Chambers of Industry and Commerce were promulgated. They gained their legal status by provisions of Grand National Assembly legislation enacted on April 22,1925.
Established in 1954, the Aegean Chamber of Industry is the first and the only regional chamber and is active in 64 different industrial branches with a total active membership of around 4.500 companies.
The Aegean Region Chamber of Industry, since its establishment, has been at the serving to accelerate industrial activities in the region, to extend technical assistance to entrepreneurs who intend to engage in industrial investments, to establish organized industrial zones and thus to serve regional and national economic development.
The Aegean Region Chamber of Industry has the privilege of being the first Chamber in Turkey to receive the Quality Certificate TS-ISO 9000.
In 1996 The Aegean Region Chamber of Industry received the certificate of International Accreditation and in 2014, the KalDer Aegean Region Quality Excellence Award and Turkish Excellence Prize in the category of Services and Public Management. 

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